Who is DogStar?

Since 2005, Dogstar Properties Inc. has been providing residential and commercial rentals, rent-to-own agreements, and joint venture projects from Niagara to Toronto. Sound investment strategy, extensive due diligence and solid property management has resulted in a strong and balanced portfolio for this company.

Quality property investments are achieved through extensive market research in targeted growth areas. This research includes assessing current and future economic development plans, real estate board statistics and demographic/population trends in several target communities.

Once a cash flowing property is identified, complete financial analysis and due diligence is performed by the DogStar team. A full Property Prospectus is then constructed for presentation to our Joint Venture Partners.

Mission: Bringing people and properties together.

Our Services:

  • We research and analyze properties in target growth areas
  • We negotiate and purchase immediately cash flowing properties
  • We manage each property effectively
  • We maintain and renovate each property in their respective neighbourhoods
  • We employ strict accounting and reporting procedures on all properties

Strong management practices and procedures have been developed to enable better tenant selection, lease preparation and professional property management. These all help to maintain a safe and profitable investment property for DogStar and our partners.

Our Strength:

The strength of DogStar Properties is its power team. This is a handpicked team of lawyers, realtors, mortgage brokers, accountants, industry forecasters, inspectors, property managers and renovation contractors. They have all been selected to work closely with DogStar because of their years of experience in the residential and commercial real estate industry.