Joint Venture Partnerships:

What are Joint Venture Partnerships?

A general description of a Joint Venture partnership is an agreement between two or more investors to share in the profits of a single real estate project. Each party is committed to perform certain duties and lives up to those written commitments. Specific legal agreements are drawn and signed by all partners. DogStar has adopted proven practices and procedures to handle and account for each property and each Joint Venture.

DogStar Joint Venture Partnerships

Most people have a curiosity about real estate investing but are not sure where to start and want to learn more. DogStar Joint Venture provides the vehicle by which one can invest in real estate today with a team that has the industry knowledge and experience. The DogStar team along with expert associates can provide all the assistance necessary to purchase and manage sound and profitable real estate investment properties.

Who Does Dogstar form Joint Venture Partnerships with?

DogStar Properties creates Joint Venture partnerships with investors who are tired of stock market fluctuations and waiting for the next up trend. They are looking for a reasonable return on their money invested with reasonable security that the investment will grow.

When considering any kind of investment, an investor will often ask themselves: What are the potential risks involved and how can they be mitigated? How can the remaining risk be managed effectively? And of course, what type of return on investment can I expect?

The DogStar Joint Venture Advantage

DogStar Properties Inc. has been studying, researching and investing in southern Ontario for the past 8 years. A power team of industry experts (accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, inspectors and mortgage brokers) have been handpicked for their real estate experience by the DogStar staff. With the assistance of these professionals and a proven system of analysis for each potential property, all the bases are covered.

Joint Venture Components

JV Partnerships have two major components:

  1. The money investor
  2. The property researcher, analyzer, the deal negotiator, the conductor of due diligence, the financing negotiator, the property manager and, the accounting/reporting

Joint Venture Partnerships are truly the Fast Track to start or add to your Real Estate Portfolio.
If you would like to learn more about Joint Venture partnerships, contact us by filling out the investor questionnaire and we will follow up with you shortly.

Dogstar Advantage

DogStar Properties is in the business of developing successful Joint Venture Partnerships. Each Joint Venture Partnership is unique but the basis to all of them is a proven system that produces profitable results.

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